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AgeLoc Future SerumAll About Anti Aging

AgeLoc Future Serum

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AgeLoc Future Serum
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With its synergistic powers, the AgeLoc Future Serum promotes healthy and youthful skin, with the help of anti-aging ingredients. You can get rid of wrinkles, prevent the signs of aging and enjoy young and radiant skin.

This revolutionary serum has the most advanced effects for anti-aging. It has eight ways to promote a youthful and beautiful skin, both day and night. It makes the skin look much smoother, as it reduces wrinkles and prevents their formation.

Product Features

By stimulating Collagen production by 150%, it visibly reduces wrinkles, and prevents their formation. In the same time it decreases MMP production, which makes your skin look much healthier. Pores, wrinkles and lines on your face will be much less visible thanks to this advanced serum. With the help of ingredients that renew your cells, your skin will also be smoother, brighter, softer and radiant. It evens the skin, thus making it feel much softer after just five days. With its brightening technology it reduces visibly discoloration, conferring a bright and radiant look to the skin. To make your complexion even more young and healthy, it hydrates and moisturizes it.

The AgeLoc Future Serum contains various ingredients that promote a healthy and youthful skin. The main ingredient is Equol that promotes cell regeneration, renews the structure of the skin and slows down the production of MMP. It contains other anti-aging ingredients such as Glucosamine, Bamboo extract and Pea extract. There are also other ingredients in this serum that reduce discoloration of the skin and make it look bright, radiant and beautiful.

AgeLoc Future Serum

AgeLoc Future

Complementary Products

The AgeLoc Future Serum can be used with several products. These are the ones recommended by the creators of the AgeLoc Future Serum:

  • AgeLoc Elements:AgeLoc Gentle Cleanse & Tone: it moisturizes and cleans the skin gently, making it fresh, soft and refreshed.
  • AgeLoc Radiant Day SPF: this emulsion contains anti-aging ingredients that make the skin softer reducing unevenness, such as lines or wrinkles. It also makes the skin bright and radiant, while protecting it from sunlight.
  • AgeLoc Transforming Night: while you are asleep, this cream works hardly to ensure that when you wake up, your skin will be bright and young looking. It promotes the moisture binding capacity of the skin, making it soft and fresh. The anti aging elements reduce wrinkles and lines on your face for a youthful, radiant complexion.
  • Galvanic Spa System II and Products: the Galvanic Spa Instrument with synergistic powers transfers important ingredients into your skin. The Galvanic Spa Facial Gels have a great effect with the AgeLoc products, thoroughly cleansing the skin. The Tru Face Line Corrector smooths the skin, making wrinkles less visible, and used together with the AgeLoc products it has great effects. The Galvanic Spa Body Shaping Gel fights against cellulite and it’s recommended to all who want to stay beautiful. The Nutriol Hair Fitness Treatment revitalizes hair and makes it look full and shiny.
  • Tru Face Essence Ultra: essential for a firm and youthful skin, it contains Ethocyn that promotes the formation of elastin in your skin.
  • Tru Face Ideal Eyes: this cream was created to maintain the beauty and youthfulness of the sensitive area around the eyes.

Directions for Use

Put a dab of small amount of the serum on your cheek, forehead, nose, and chin. With two pumps on the fingertips apply the serum always moving upward. It can be applied on the neck as well, but the sensitive area of the eyes should be avoided. A package of AgeLoc Future Serum will be enough for 30 days of usage.

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AgeLoc Future Serum

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